Friday, March 30, 2012

A 26 Day History

Ever since I started this blog, I have been trying to think of an interesting way to share my long, crazy medical history.  No need to bore you with, "and then I felt fine for a few months...yada, yada."  So when someone told me about the A to Z Blog Challenge, I realized I found the way.  26 days in April, 26 blog posts, each having to do with a letter of the alphabet. Along with over 1500 other bloggers,  I will start Sunday, April 1st and publish a new post every day except for the remaining Sundays.  I'll share my history and what God has been teaching me in the context of a super fun challenge. It will be non-linear, and hopefully non-boring.  

I'm also doing this challenge on my other blog - Coffee in the Garden. Visit me over there during April to read about the wonders of God's creation.

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